As we approach 2019 we look forward to continued collaborations and the scientific challenges of the next year.

Atlantic Canada Association of Parasitologists 2018 meeting has just ended and we are all reveling in the glow of another Saturday filled with outstanding student and PI presentations and scientific discussions. Set in the beautiful town of Pictou approximately 35-40 of us meet to talk parasites, eat well and enjoy what Pictou has to offer well into the wee hours of the night. 

Research topics students have started. They are Riley Lockhart, Aileen Feshuk, Hillary Maillette and Emma Blanche. See Stress response Team page for details on their respective projects. 

And very pleased to say that we have received Tier 2 funding for our project with The Saltbox Microbrewery. We will be exploring the proteomics of yeast isolated during the first phase of the project. This is an extension of our collaboration with the Walker lab exploring novel yeasts in the Nova Scotia environment.  See https://lighthousenow.ca/article.php?title=Saltbox_brews_up_a_plan_with_Acadia_University[nbsp

Oral comprehensives are over and students continue with their lab work and writing of their theses. The oral comprehensives are a truly valuable learning experience for Acadia Honours students and just one of the many reasons Acadia's Honours program is so robust.

The American Fisheries Society Eastern Chapter meeting was held in Vergennes, Vermont this year (https://aic.fishe.orgries/). Congratulations to Jackson (Zhe) Yang for bringing the Soggy Boot Award back to Acadia. 

Another successful Bon Portage field course.  See the Easy Lab FB page for photos and a song. https://www.facebook.com/TheEasyLab/

The current Easy Lab Honours students are hard at work and generating results by the cycle (PCR). Three USRA's, 2 NSHRFs and an HSRA will allow students in my lab this summer to explore everything from sea star limb regeneration and stress in Leach's Storm Petrels to the endocannabinoid receptor system in zebrafish. Check back for updates as the months unfold. Incoming Honours students are Allie Scovil, Zachary Visser, Jack Guthrie (co-supervised with Dr. Brian Wilson) and Casi Sutherland (co-supervised with Dr. Dave Shutler). For updates and details on their respective projects see the Stress Response Team page.

The Miramichi Striper Cup was another success for Acadia researchers, fishers and the town of Miramichi. We sampled ~ 550 fish this year with a 0.01% mortality rate. Thanks to Jeff McTavish and Jeff Wilson for all their support. 

Congratulations to Alexandra Brown, Claire Bullock, Hillary Dort, Cooper Coats, Makenzie Branch, Emma Blanche and Roshni Kollipara for a very successful completion of their Honours. Really going to miss seeing many of you around the lab. 

We had an enlightening  Canadian Society of Zoology meeting in St. Johns, Newfoundland. Another strong showing from Acadia and an opportunity to meet up with colleagues and share ideas for future projects. Also, a great opportunity for students to present their research.

Thrilled to be part of the Aqualitas team who are going full ahead with their aquaponics facility on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. The aquaponics facility at Acadia has been moved to the company site in Liverpool. See (http://www.aqualitas.ca/)  The possibilities are endless.  

The 2018 Science Atlantic in snowy St. Johns, Newfoundland is over and Acadia made an outstanding showing this year with ten students in attendance. Congratulations to Hillary Dort, Emma Blanche, Brock Burgess and Brandon Nilsen for winning awards in the oral and poster sessions. As I assume the role of Chair of Biology for Science Atlantic we are looking forward to the 2019 event at Crandall University, New Brunswick.  

​My University Research Fund for 2017-18 was renewed and will allow us to continue our work on biomarkers of stress in striped bass. Thanks Acadia. 
The 2017  Atlantic chapter of the American Fisheries Association was an outstanding meeting with colleagues from the Atlantic provinces and New England States. Congratulations to Mark Billard of Acadia for the best student presentation and to Alexandra Brown of my lab for winning the Soggy Boot award for most entertaining presentation.  See Gallery for photos. 

The Stress Response Team measured over 650 striped bass at The Miramichi Striper Cup. Continued collaborations with the Town of Miramichi (Jeff McTavish) and Jeff Wilson have resulted in outstanding potential for future research. See Gallery for photos from this years striper cup.  See also The Striped Bass Research Team here

Our white-tailed deer stress study is producing some interesting results. For more details on the project follow the link to my interview with Information Mornings' Don Connolly about this project (www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/deer-liver-research-acadia-university-nova-scotia-1.3839758).  

And of course we continue to explore novel parasites in fish with collaborators Eric Leis from Wisconsin and Dr. David Cone in Nova Scotia. With another paper accepted with revisions we await word on our latest submission.

In addition I am always exploring novel teaching methods and how to make the world of molecular biology and protein chemistry as fascinating to students as it is to me :-) 
More exciting news to follow. Never a dull moment in this 'stressful' world :-)  Don't forget to S.M.I.L.E.

If you are interested in learning more about our lab or setting up collaborations please contact me.