Bon Portage Song 2019



C                        F

Bon Portage in the mist

G                                   D

Feel the salt, the oceans kiss

Roam the shore, birds chased by waves

It’s mysteries our thoughts do crave

Am                    C

So many reasons that we love?

To be in its damp embrace

Far from the bustling world of land

Away from the rodent race.


G                       D

Webs of life on every corner

C                       Am

Devour, break down upon the earth

G                       D

Things from ground and sky and sea

Am                    C

Sprout and grow from their berth

G                       D

Eyes or antennae big or feathery

A basket or a brush, ovipositor or not

These are the beautiful things we see

When we want to know if they are he or she… in entomology



G                      D

Colours out of phase

C                      Am

More typically black or grey

G                      D

Deciduously cool or pine or hemlock

Am                   C

Hide underground to escape the rays


Perennial plants our global concern

Evergreen forever or fall off when mature

Silviculture is not just a pretty word

But a necessity to keep these homes for the birds



Em       G

Drama in the woods

D          C

Perils in the sky

Leaves us shaking our heads

And simply asking why?

Could all this petty rhetoric

And gross hyperbole

Put the future of our course

In real jeopardy? In jeopardy?


G                      D

Carnivores of a minute kind

C                      Am

Named for a mandibular tooth

Environment changes, hot or cold, wet or dry

A story is told if they die or multiply


Chitin is what sets them apart

From the plants that grow close to our heart

Cryptic in life, where they grow and decompose

The forest floor and the detritus to I suppose



And an island staple to be sure

Biomarkers of a sort

When the seasons start to change

Cell and hyphae rearrange


Feeling ill? We can heal

From the ground, a paste or tea

Alkaloids, polyphenols and terpenes

Just tell us how you feel



Bon Portage Song 2018 (Easy)

G   D   G   C
Bon Portage (Sung in background)
For two weeks our island home
Bon Portage
Not that hard to be alone
With the spray of the sea foam
And reception on our phone
Bon Portage
We are learning in the field
Bon Portage
Our intelligence a shield
And when we stay here we do yield
Then our memories are sealed
Photosynthetic protists, pretty polyphyletic
Active photosynthesizers, environmentally prophetic
Females with a double X males with only one
Hemi-metabolous as they hide from the sun
Snipe wading off shore, long bodies and narrow legs
Sensitive bills as they probe to find their prey
Group of basidiomycetes, otherwise polypore
At home in trunks and branches digesting from the core
Organs asymmetrical, walking on their gut
Sensory tentacles, eyes are closed shut
Quadrangle needles, coniferous evergreens
Shoot blight by sirococcus limits them it would seem
Am F C D
Scotch bonnet
If you want it
Dave’s Insanity
For clarity
It’ll wean ya
Calypso and Sciracca
Too much it will come back at ya
For the hardy there’s the Reaper
And Lousiana it will keep you in the (spicy) know
Toxic amanita make friends with very few
But relationships they do make with fir and birch to
Adaptive change allows them to survive
When they sense and acclimate they remain alive
In the bar of life cyanobacteria meet fungi
Or in another part of town in walks the algae
Chorus X 2




Bon Portage Song 2017   (Easy) 

Chorus   A   F#    Bm     A     E           
BP is the island life
Young scientists we explore
Our days on the island rocks
Our nights in the cabin blocks
We will be Acadia grads
If we make it through this course
And when were back to where we’re from
We’ll think fondly of our island home
Lichen is the word
Ladders on the trees
Fungi in the air
Blowing in the breeze
A day in August
Life on Bon Portage
A trio of life
From setae to plumage

Lizard-like with skin for lungs
Lose a limb n’ grow ‘em back
We find them as we search the paths
Hoping that we find our way back
A puff of dust
Or clouds of dusty spores
Born with immature gleba
This ain’t no fungal diva
Grubbing for Dave
on that mossy path
Once you’re down that petrel hole
Then there is no turning back
There’s a banquet on BP
On the island they are ensconsed
Learn your keys and botanical parts
Or you will only eat them once
Ecology we survey (do we exist)
Ecology to clarify (Maybe its all just in my head)
It is ecology we certify (when we try to confirm)
When on BP we mollify (this is just the calm before the storm)
Three square meals a day
To the cookhouse we are led
The cooks are here to stay
We will never go unfed
And the boat to take us home
Rides the sea without a care
The winds may blow about
Our memories will pay the fare


Bon Portage Song 2016 (Easy)

  G   C   G   Em   G  D  C  G 
Bon Portage we’re here
U of Acadia we be
Lovin’ the salty air
Staring at the sea
Don’t need no shower stalls
Nor electric light
We’re just roughing it out here
Tryin’ to get it right
Lichens on the trees
Fungi in the ground
Our trio of mycomales
Digging what they found
Petrels in the air
Smelling of the earth
They are shaded by the trees
As they burrow in the dirt
Bees a buzzing by
Netted on the fly
But they’ll fly no more
While they’re swiftly pinned to a board
Covering the shore
Scrambling left to right
Green carpet in the day
Invaders of the night
Coyotes on the run
From the hunters’ gun
Is there a better way
Some of us do say
California crew is here
Scientists in their own right
Petrels are their thing
As they fly throughout the night
The cooks they give us food
Working all day long
Coffee breaks and cookies to
Keeping our spirits strong
Then the boat and the crew
Between Shag harbour and the dock
Passing to and fro
The Eider it will go
Bonus verse
Dynamite and exploding beach glass
Henry and William they collect
Along the rocky shore
Not a stone do they neglect