I have a passion for teaching and not only enjoy the challenge but sincerely appreciate the opportunity to present the world of science to a large and diverse audience. I have developed and taught scientific exercises/theories to student and researchers in Asia, South America and the Arctic. The beauty of science is that the concepts are universal and it is indeed a fulfilling experience to connect with individuals from very different backgrounds.
My goal for each of my courses is to teach students something that they have never learned before within the context of the subject. I am not interested in teaching students how to memorize course content but rather want students to go away with a firm grasp of the information I presented throughout the semester. Regardless of the curriculum I am particularly interested in encouraging students to think about what I have been presenting and to provide some feedback on the course both to better myself as a professor and to provide an improved syllabus for future students.
I find that open and frank discussion during class allows students the opportunity to present their ideas without the stress that is present during examinations. Therefore, I encourage discussion and ‘interruptions’ throughout my lectures.
I encourage students to review websites and news items concerning recent discoveries or new research in the field that I am presenting. I then ask that they bring this information into the classroom to present to myself and fellow students. This could be simply passing on the information to me and I can start the discussion or the student can take the lead by initiating an open discussion on the topic. This also helps prepare students for the oral presentations required for each course I teach.

Courses  I teach at Acadia
BIOL 2013 Cell & Molecular Biology
An introduction to the principles of cell biology with an emphasis on the organization of cells and the structure and function of cellular constituents.

BIOL 3613 Principles of Genetics
An introduction to major concepts in genetics including heredity, molecular genetics, genomics, population genetics and evolution. Prereq: Biol 1113/1123 or Biol 1813 The BIOL course(s) used as a prerequisite must be completed with a minimum grade of C-.

BIOL 3633 Topics in Cell Biology
Major topics to be covered include cell junctions, the extracellular matrix, cellular communications, signal transduction and the structure and function of the cytoskeleton.

BIOL 3623 Molecular Genetics & Genomics
An advanced genetics course that builds upon the topics covered in Principles of Genetics, with a focus on the molecules that transmit and express genetic information and functional genomics. Current topics including medical applications and scientific approaches discussed throughout the term.

BIOL 3013  Natural History and Field Biology 

BIOL 3413 /4413  Research Topics

BIOL 4996 Honours